Welcome to my web site!


I started growing and studying ant-plants seriously in the year 2001.  My intention is to use this site to share what I have learned and grown while at the same time learning more.


Specifically these are some of the things I will be doing here:

  • Post information on the culture and identification of these interesting plants. There is not much of this basic information available for people just starting out with ant-plants.
  • Share my translations of the ant-plant drawings of the great Italian 

     naturalist Odaordo Beccari.  His drawing are on this site now.

  • Sell and trade plants during the warmer months of the year. ( I live in Michigan, USA)  Sorry, I cannot ship internationaly.  I sell ant-plants on eBay when it is warm enough to ship plants, roughly sometime in April to sometime in October most years.  I sell on ebay as " igrowantplants ".
  • Publish some articles that I and others have written about the naming and culture of ant-plants

I hope you will find things on this site of interest and value to you.



Unless noted otherwise, all photos on this site are the copyrighted property of Frank Omilian and may only be used with his written permission.



If you find errors or broken links here please let me know at:  frankinmi@aol.com



An ant-plant internet group has been formed and it has attracted a number of people who are passionate about ant-plants.  Excellent information and high quality photographs abound on the site.   Visit “The Ant-Plant Forum” at   www.myrmecodia.org  




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